Machine Gun Kelly got a little flustered when he was asked how his rumored girlfriend Megan Fox got involved with the music video for “Bloody Valentine.”

Machine Gun Kelly dished the details about how the music video for his song, “Bloody Valentine,” came to be, but he appeared to be a little embarrassed when he was asked about his co-star, Megan Fox. Even before MGK put the “Bloody Valentine” video out, rumours have circulated him and Megan about their possible romance. It’s become more and more clear that the two of them are romantically involved, but neither of them have explicitly stated as much. However, if MGK’s reaction to this question about her is any indication of their status, then we’d say they’re head over heels for each other.

On Thursday (June 25th), MGK took part in RADIO.COM‘s “FANDEMIC” series on Instagram live, where he was asked a ton of fan questions. During this segment, the host of the show asked MGK, “What was it like working with Megan Fox in the ‘Bloody Valentine’ music video?” (14:30). He shows a little hesitation as a prepares his response, before laughing and indicating that it was a “great work experience.” When the host jokes with him by asking if someone called HR, implying that they were in fact mixing business with pleasure, MGK assures him, “HR was not called.”

machine gun kelly megan fox music video bloody valentine couple relationship girlfriend datingAmy Sussman/Getty Images

“I was playing Megan a lot of the Tickets to My Downfall songs,” he explains. “I don’t know…I had to…I had made the call the day before the video and I was like, ‘Can you come over?’ and then we shot the video.” While his explanation is brief and reserved, it’s clear that Megan was much more than just a co-star.