Machine Gun Kelly has always been known for his tattoos, but this week, he revealed what might be his most jaw-dropping one yet: a blackout tattoo that covers the vast majority of his upper body including his chest, torso, and arms.

The tattoo, which he shared with his followers on IG on Tuesday, is mostly solid black ink with a few small lines that allow his prior tattoo work to peek through. Two negative space lines up top merge with a vertical black line down the artist’s torso to give the appearance of a cross.

The IG post simply read “For spiritual purposes only” and then tagged his tattoo artist, @roxx__ who also shared another picture of MGK on their account. The tattoo artist appears to specialize in bold, black works that emphasize the use of heavy and dark lines to create stunning visuals.


As of Tuesday evening, all other photos on MGK’s IG account appear to have been deleted.

A before and after is shown below for reference:

Machine Gun Kelly Before and After
Machine Gun Kelly Before and After