A gorgeous young artist Mafalda Almeyda dazzles the world with new, emotional pop music the likes of which you have not yet seen. She recently dropped “I’m Used To U”, a song with thousands of streams that marks the coming of her debut EP. A soulful performance to say the least, this is a song that represents the struggles of a breakup, mimicking the theme of the entire upcoming EP. Having gone through a painful breakup herself, Mafalda certainly knows what she’s talking about and makes songs that are very relatable. 

Mafalda Almeyda is a pop artist, singer- songwriter, and lyricist. She debuted in 2021 with a single called “show me what u got”, followed by a sophomore single “butterflies”. Leveraging her own experiences, she brings realness and sincerity to her music despite being a new face in the game. She takes her frustrations, problems, and emotions like sadness, anger, revolt, and even vengeance and turns them into art, in a way that relates to the audience, empowering and supporting them.

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