Maxo Kream says he gave Tyler, The Creator his CDs back in the day.

Maxo Kream says he once handed out his CDs to Tyler, The Creator back in 2014 before his career took off. Maxo reflected on his journey to now collaborating with Tyler on his song, “Big Persona,” during a recent interview with HNHH for the Twelve Days of Christmas series.

Maxo says he original crafted 8 verses for the track after Tyler kept springing new ideas on him.

MAxo Kream, Tyler the Creator
Image Via HNHH

When asked if he has the confidence to think, “I’m about to kill this right now?” before every verse he explained: “Facts, exactly. But man, I go into every track thinking that though. With sh*t with Tyler, I know I’m gonna kill it, but it’s a certain way I gotta kill it. It’s a certain way to do sh*t. N** get the biggest feature of their life with Drake and make a bullsh*t ass song but don’t do nothing. You got to utilize these features bro. This is a business. You don’t go, ‘Okay, let’s just hop on a song, go back-and-forth,’ you gotta have a vision for it. I’m real critical. That’s why it was so many verses.”

From there, Maxo recalled bringing Tyler a CD at the GOLF store in LA in 2014.

“Hell yeah, I was passing out CDs and sh*t trying to come up, trying to rap,” he said. “Sh*t, I don’t even know if n** was still listening to CDs in 2014, but I had ‘em. And I gave it to him. He said, so sarcastic [does his best Tyler impression]: ‘Well, thank you.’”

He continued: “Let me give you the story. I walked up to him, I gave him the CD like, ‘F*ck with me.’ Then when I meet him again at Yams Day, n** said he was in London with motherf*cking Rick Rubin, jamming my sh*t. And Rick Rubin put him on. I’m like, ‘Daaamn, that’s crazy bro.’”

Check out the full interview with Maxo Kream below.