Maxo Kream and Young Dolph always had mutual respect for one another.

The passing of Memphis rap icon Young Dolph marked one of the most tragic moments in music all year. The hip-hop community is still recovering from the massive blow left from Dolph’s murder, and his peers are having a hard time believing that he’s really gone too. 

During our interview with Maxo Kream for the 12 Days of Christmas series, interviewer Taylor McCloud asked Maxo about his past work with Young Dolph, which got the rapper talking about the mutual respect they had for one another.

David Livingston/Getty Images

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“My motherf*cking n***a. Every time he come to the city, he hit me,” said Maxo. “I brought him out in Atlanta. He brought me out in Houston. I brought him out in Belgium and the UK. I brought out him and Key Glock. He’s just a real n***a. Dolph get it. He seen when I caught the RICO case for the marijuana and sh*t like that, like the trap sh*t, so he respected where I came from and where I’m at. He love my jewelry… he just always show love. And Dolph go dumb with the jewelry, I’m talking about all blue kit— blue Richard Milles, Blue APs. He go stupido with it. So when he coming to me and seen some of my sh*t, it’s like motivation. That was one of these n***as I wanted to be like, because n***a was a trapper that made it rapping, n***a. Like what the f*ck? He lived that street sh*t, and the street sh*t and the rap life is very similar except you’re making legal money. With the rap sh*t, you can live a little bit better. You paying taxes, you exposed to more sh*t… but RIP Dolph. He was a real one, man. Key Glock, Jay Fizzle, y’all both hold y’all head now.”

Maxo Kream notably collaborated with Young Dolph and Bun B on the song “In My Trunk.” Read/watch our full interview with the rapper here and let us know your thoughts on his comments about Dolph.