Mykki Blanco urged fans to stop streaming Teyana Taylor’s “WTP,” as her team allegedly never paid the artist for their feature. Teyana put the blame on Kanye.

Mykki Blanco is putting Teyana Taylor and her team on blast for allegedly failing to pay them for their feature on the song, “WTP” off Teyana’s 2018 album, K.T.S.E. Mykki wrote and co-produced on “WTP” and even contributed some memorable adlibs to the track, but according to the artist, they still have not received their coin for all their hard work two whole years later. On Friday (July 17th), Mykki took to social media to air out the whole situation, beginning by urging fans not to stream the song. “This team does not support Black, Trans and Queer people,” Mykki claimed. “Everything associated with this song is a lie. Let me explain….”

They go on to explain that no only has Teyana’s team still not cut them a cheque, but it also took a year with the help of a lawyer just to get credited on the song. “The reason I have gone public with this is not to bad mouth @teyanataylor, but her ENTIRE team and Universal have treated me WITH SO MUCH DISRESPECT, THEY HAVE TREATED ME BAD YALL… REALLY BAD, I HATE DOING THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BUT I HAVE HAD IT!!!!! It’s a pandemic, like so many musicians I’m completely out of work. I’m doing writing jobs here and there but almost all of my income like so many others stems from touring. I’ve had it, I didn’t want to go public but the way I have been treated is really, really, really bad. These people have been flippant, rude, they have lied, delayed, found me ‘harmless’ and ‘inconsequential.’” Again, they urge their fans to stop streaming “WTP.”

mykki blanco teyana taylor payment WTP K.T.S.E. kanye westBryan Bedder/Getty Images for GLAAD

“I’ve had it, everything associated with this song and these people is ANTI- LGBTQ,” Mykki continues. “It’s a lie, after 2 years and during a pandemic they still act like paying me a simple feature fee is a joke. This song and these people do not support Black, Trans & Queer people. It’s a lie I’m done participating in.”

Teyana issued a response to Mykki, placing the blame on one of the album’s executive producers: Kanye West. “ALL of it falls on Kanye because he put Mykki on the song,” Teyana claimed. She then explained how she had actually wanted Pose actor Dashaun Wesley on “WTP” instead of Mykki. “I had no clue [Mykki] was on the song until they played it for me the day before my album release party,” Teyana wrote. Many users noted that, throughout her response, Teyana misgendered Mykki, who uses they/them pronouns.

“IF YOU WANNA QUOTE EMAILS, I HAVE 2 YEARS WORTH OF EMAILS FROM YOUR SIDE LITERALLY IGNORING MY MANAGER, IGNORING MY BUSINESS MANAGER/ACCOUNTANT AND IGNORING MY LAWYER,” Mykki wrote in response. “Teyana don’t play me, this DOES NOT ALL FALL ON KANYE. Just own your side and move on…I have been [quiet] about this for 2 WHOLE YEARS. QUIET. MUTE. SILENT. IT’S A PANDEMIC, NOBODY CAN TOUR OR PLAY SHOWS. YES I’M COUNTING MY COINS AND YOUR TEAM REPEATEDLY DID ME DIRTY. I WAS ‘INCONSEQUENTIAL FALLOUT.’ I’MMA LET YOU REST, BUT DON’T PLAY ME BABY!” Mykki went on to share a series of follow-up tweets about the incident, before Teyana fired back. Eventually, she decided to encourage her fans to stop streaming “WTP” as well until everything was sorted out. She also tweeted Kanye and UMG and asked them to pay Mykki and “keep me out of the drama. I don’t bother anybody. I’d like to continue my unproblematic life in peace.” Check out their back and forth below: