Youngboy Never Broke Again goes off on Atlantic Records for their “dirty” tactics in restricting him from his master recordings.

Youngboy Never Broke Again has taken the last few months off after releasing a constant stream of new music for two years. He re-activated his social media pages today as he eases back into the spotlight and, already, he’s back on the drama.

Showing off more of his family side earlier, NBA Youngboy decided that he wanted to use his platform to pressure his label into treating him a little better. Generally, it will take years for a major-label artist to gain back their masters. And that’s if they ever see them. Artists like Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and more have been lucky enough to take ownership of their entire catalogs. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

NBA Youngboy came up with a pretty fair trade-off (for what it is) as he asked for all of his masters. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have accepted the offer.

“I said they can have the next 4 albums free all I want is my master in still got told no,” wrote the 20-year-old rapper on Instagram Stories. “Dirty game.”

Effectively, this deal would have meant that YB would see a very limited stream of income from his next four albums in exchange for sole ownership of his masters. While that seems like a deal that a label would jump for, Atlantic still shut him down.

Although Youngboy Never Broke Again is the founder of his proper Never Broke Again label, he uses Atlantic Records and their vast network to facilitate things. They’re apparently pissing him off enough to warrant this post.

Hopefully, Youngboy can get everything figured out so he can profit off his craft to a higher level.