NBA Youngboy recently discussed Soulja Boy’s claim about being able to sign him.

NBA Youngboy has responded to Soulja Boy‘s claim about having been able to sign him back in 2016. Youngboy downplayed the comment and said he “missed out on his chance.”

“I don’t give a fuck that he posted that shit,” YoungBoy said during a new interview on the Off the Record podcast. “Shit, he missed out on his chance. I don’t give a fuck about that shit.”

He added: “I don’t give a fuck, man. … That man ain’t on my mind.”

NBA Youngboy, Soulja Boy
Image Via HNHH

Soulja originally claimed that Youngboy had DM’d him, messages he’d later shared publically, on the Off The Record podcast in October.

“Youngboy, this n***a DM’d me [in] 2016, ‘I’m from Baton Rouge, I’m 16. I’m trying to make it…’ And I DM’d the n***a back. I’m like, ‘Wassup?’ And he hit me back like ‘Wassup?’ But I didn’t see the wassup until a month. He was signed,” Soulja Boy explained. “I could’ve signed NBA Youngboy but n***as don’t knowin’ shit like that.”

Soulja also spoke out about Youngboy’s “crazy ass fans,” but concluded that he has no problems with the rapper.

Check out Youngboy’s newest response below.