A lot of rappers talk about being a boss, but Pierre Bless ticks on his own time on his own clock.

Peter Bowden Jr, born in Nuremberg Germany, and raised in Albemarle North Carolina home, migrated to the United States at the young age of two. Now residing in the vicinity of Charlotte North Carolina, he continues to grow his already buzzing career as an artist under the rap moniker Pierre Bless. His stage name that fans have grown accustomed to, was from a place of divine inception. Peter is a man with a deep attraction and connection to energy. Combining that with his younger brother’s middle name, Pierre, his alias was born. Since then he has been on the grind, chiseling his craft down to peak performance in the booth. The discipline and passion Pierre has towards his grind have put him in a position where independent artists strive for daily. Pierre keeps his pen game sharp, and his wit on point, always pushing his limits and overcoming the bar once held in his previous releases.

Pierre Bless is the real Tik Tok in the new viral single, ‘Right On Time’

Pierre wasn’t always the hip-hop specialist of the new wave. His discovery for his abilities over a beat first became known in the 7th grade. Chilling and having fun, turned into what lead to Peter, becoming Pierre Bless, when his friend began beatboxing on the classroom table. Pierre, attracted by the infectious beat, started freestyling, and at an age so youthful, the room was left speechless. Even Pierre was in amazement at the level of lyricism he displayed off the top of the dome. At the age of twelve, Pierre immersed himself deeper into the world of hip-hop, aiming to explore the dream of becoming an established rapper.

Inspired by some of hip-hop’s greatest to ever touch the mic, Pierre’s influences come from legends like Mase and Nas, not only for the lyricism to which their skills are set, but also the cadence and confidence behind every delivery. Their influences upon Pierre is evident in his own sound. Blessed with talent that has given him an edge in the industry and granted him performances beside major artists, Pierre embodies wit, genius, and clever wordplay within his many flows and rhymes.

Over time, Pierre has made life changes to keep and maintain clarity in health and mind, adopting a vegan lifestyle that shows in the way he carries himself. With a clear sense of thought, Pierre keeps his focus centered upon his goal, to be respected and have acclaim like those that inspire him in the music world. While some artists see dreams of that stature as impossible, Pierre has been making things happen. He has not only interacted with high list artists but opened and performed for mainstream talents like 2 Chainz, BOB, and the polarizing Young Thug.

Pierre’s catchy, timeless, and lyrical style of music is taking over the game one song at a time, and with the release of his latest single “Right On Time,” produced by StreetzMentor, Pierre has a guaranteed hit on his hands. The beat sounds fresh and instantly captures the attention of the listener, but what sets the track apart from everything flooding the industry, is Pierre’s delivery and bar schemes over the hypnotic instrumental. Pierre again makes his talent shine dropping gem after gem in every line as the video compliments the song with Pierre replacing the hands of an actual clock. Ahead of his time, anytime, every time zone, Pierre Bless is the future of hip-hop and is working his way into the top of the charts. A bomb waiting to blow is near an explosion, and when his time comes, the game will never be the same. 

Pierre is basking in the success of the buzz that “Right On Time” has created, but not without still putting in the work on things to come for fans worldwide. Currently, in the studio with his producer StreetzMentor, the groundwork is being laid for the recording and rollout of his upcoming EP slated for release in January 2021. Pierre isn’t in it to be just a one-hit-wonder. He’s in the game to make it known that he is one of the best and leave a mark that transcends time and generations. One that will inspire greatness in artists to come just like his role models in music has done for him. The Ep is said to follow in the footsteps of his single “Right On Time,” giving fans hot instrumentals with Pierre doing his thing on each and every track. No slacking, no decrease in energy, just banger after banger with vibes and quality that would set the game on fire.

Pierre is the artist that eyes should be focused on. He ascent has been on a steady rise, and his latest single “Right On Time,” has further accelerated his come up even more. His place in hip-hop is earned, not given. Pierre has taken his career into his hands and putting in blood, sweat, and tears to elevate his craft and make it in the industry off of his passion and grind. An independent artist that will surpass those currently enjoying their time on the charts.

Pierre isn’t one to neglect the motivation and support through his journey. His core appreciation lies with God, who blessed him with the gift of music, his parents, who give him the love and support he needs no matter where he’s at in life, and his producer, who has kept him motivated and held him accountable for surpassing prior peak levels and pushes him to be the best artist he knows he can be. Pierre has evolved from just being a great rapper into a creative and dope song maker. He has exceeded every factor that classifies an artist as an icon in the industry, and it’s only a matter of time that his name is dominating the charts. Follow Pierre Bless on his socials for updates on his upcoming projects and stream his new single “Right On Time” via the links:

Tidal: https://tidal.com/track/159275314

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/right-on-time/1536594726?i=1536594728