Drake was ultimately credited as a co-writer.

After the fallout from Pusha T and Drake‘s beef in summer 2018, it was revealed that Drake helped to write Kanye West‘s hit “Yikes” from his June album ye. Kanye was siding with Pusha T in the squabble at the time, and that beef between Ye and Drizzy lingered until this fall.

Now that Kanye and Drake are back on good terms after their historic joint performance at the “Free Larry Hoover” concert, more insight is coming out about their relationship over the past couple years. 

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Pi’erre Bourne, who produced “Yikes” for Ye, explained how happy he was that Drake and Kanye reconciled: “I’m so happy that they’re performing together – that’s great for this culture. Those are my big brothers, so to see them together, I never would’ve thought. But it’s amazing to see, makes me feel way better about everything. ‘Cause I’ve been in the middle! I’ve been quiet for years! I’m just glad they’re on stage together. Oh my gosh. That’s so amazing, bro.”

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

He continued to reveal that Drake was supposed to be on the song for the hook before his and Kanye’s fallout: “And honestly, not too many people know that Drake wrote that. He sung the hook. When I was there, they were on the song together. Everyone was cheering me on because they were like, ‘You’ve got Drake and Kanye on your beat.’ I didn’t even know.”

Pi’erre explained that Travis Scott was the one who broke the news to him, and that when Drake was unexpectedly left off the song and replaced by a Kanye hook, he chalked it up to the music industry: “I was just working with Travis or something and then they came up to me like, ‘Yeah, man, you’ve got Drake and Kanye on your beat.’ I’m like, ‘Swear to God?’ And they weren’t lying. But when the album came out, he wasn’t on there. So I was just like, maybe this is how the industry is. You can’t say nothing, so I just got back to work.”

He finished by saying how grateful he is that the drama is behind Kanye and Drake, and that he is appreciative of their rekindled friendship: “But I’ve been in the middle for years. I’m just happy they’re working. They’re on stage together, man. It’s good for the culture, bro. Seriously, the culture needs to see love, not war, not beef. They need to see love, real love, unity.”