Pooh Shiesty reassures fans that although he remains in jail, his mind is still free.

Since his arrest in Miami this summer, Pooh Shiesty has appeared on several new songs and albums, including Jack Harlow‘s “SUVs (Black on Black” as well as Gucci Mane‘s Ice Daddy, So Icy Boyz, and So Icy Christmas. However, when it comes to hearing directly from the Memphis-bred rapper, fans haven’t been so lucky.

According to XXL, the New 1017 artist is currently being held at FDC Miami as he awaits trial for federal charges such as firearm possession, robbery conspiracy, and discharging a firearm, and today, the rapper broke his silence for the first time in months and released a statement via Instagram.

Rapper Pooh Shiesty attends Onyx Monday Nights at Onyx Nightclub on May 31, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

“Ima Be Back In A Minute Won’t Be To Long Til I’m Free I LOVE ALL MY FANS AND THE ONES WHO STILL SUPPORTING ME,” the Shiesty Season artist said in the statement. “I Still Remain Untouched And Unfuckwitable, Still Talkin My Shi*t Like I’m 8feet 3, Still Poppin King Sh*t, Still Having My Way Like King Eatin Like A King And Thinking Like A Winner, Ain’t Sh*t Changed But How My Clothes Get Washed And How The Doors Gettin Locked.”

“Lotta Mf’s happy cause I’m put up right now, but Dets what you call p*ssies, I been knew all that love was fake that’s why I won’t let up at all I still got 1 foot on you niggas neck, y’all able to breathe a lil bit now cause I’m away right now,” Pooh Shiesty continues. “But it’s gone take more than tomatoes too catch up wit me, ya hear me!!!…NIGGA IM LOCKED UP BUT MY MIND STILL FREE, YA CANT LOCK THAT UP, I BEEN THROUGH WORSE SITUATIONS, BUT IM AT MY BEST RIGHT NOW, it don’t get no bigger den dis IM DA BIGGEST BLRRRD.”

Read Pooh Shiesty’s full statement here. The rapper is reportedly facing 20 years for each of his charges, so stay tuned to HNHH for updates.