Members of Pop Smoke’s inner circle had some custom “Woo” pendants commissioned to celebrate the release of his posthumous album.

Pop Smoke‘s posthumous album Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon dropped yesterday, and to celebrate, his entourage had some custom bling made by New York City’s Benny The Jeweler. It was a bittersweet day on Friday (July 3rd), as Pop Smoke‘s family, friends, and fans finally got to hear the late rapper’s highly-anticipated posthumous album after multiple delays. While many got emotional as they came to terms with the fact that he’s really gone, it was also an occasion to celebrate his life and career. That’s exactly what his crew did when they commissioned Benny The Jeweler to make some custom “Woo Star” pendants ahead of the album’s release.

pop smoke friends woo star bling pendant posthumous album shoot for the stars aim for the moonJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Per TMZ, Pop’s brother, Mike Dee, who founded Forever Smoke Entertainment, was gifted one of the diamond-encrusted pendants, along with four other guys from the record label: Ace Makaveli, Eazy, Stacks and Hunter. Each gold pendant is covered in  20 karats of VS diamonds, and is worth a whopping $18,000. According to TMZ, the icy pieces represent “rising above adversity,” and reflect the message of the album’s title. Check out the photos here.


Pop’s girlfriend, Alyssa Danielle, also received some bling from Benny. The jeweler whipped up a 3D picture pendant of Pop’s face made of hand-painted enamel and surrounded by VVS diamonds. Benny shared a video showing off the pendant on Instagram. “Pop we had different plans never thought would be makin this kinda piece for you,” he wrote. “But it’s rip to the smoke.” Unfortunately, Benny was actually working on some custom-made ice for Pop himself prior to his tragic death in February. RIP Pop.