In a world where negativity has tainted humanity, Queen is on a mission to impact and uplift lives with positivity and spiritual empowerment.

New York born, Christina Clement came up under a west Indian household where music became an early part of her childhood. Her father, DJ Jah T was a part of reggae history, playing for the legendary Bob Marley in his younger days. Queen fell in love with the culture of Jamaica and was an avid listener of their infectious music. As she grew, she would have children of her own and make the move to Georgia to continue building her empire and legacy.

Building connections and placing her mark on the music industry, she has been among and worked with some of hip hop’s elite. Her purpose is to be an advocate of being true to oneself, a message she channels through her deeds, given to her by God. To that end she has published her book, “Locs Linked to Spirituality” which has continued to inspire her audience and impact upon lives throughout the world.

Queen is as her name suggests, royalty instilling positivity within the hearts of others. Her freelancing service, Artist Admin Team not only received business of the year with ARS Radio in Atlanta, but the artists she has guided to success can attest to her accolades. With Artist Admin Team, Queen makes it possible for artists to make money and get their paperwork done without being wronged or weighed down with the business end of the industry.

Currently, Queen is adding her clothing line to her growing list of businesses with sponsorship from Together with all her other endeavors, she welcomes artists to reach out to be featured on her platform, Dynasty Healing Corporation, her music distribution and book publishing company.

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“Locs Linked to Spirituality” Book:


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