Within the pool of prospects coming up in the rap game, Prince Oni Truth’s talent outshines all candidates lined up for the throne.  

Coming out of the streets of Panama City, FL, Dallas Rahkemm Ming, has made a name for himself in the music industry under the moniker Prince Oni Truth. Its origin came to be from the idea of a female friend, and it has become a name synonymous with quality music. Prince Oni Truth came up under influences of some of hip-hop’s most polarizing artists. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy played a pivotal role throughout his childhood, while his admiration for T.I. and the diversity he brought to hip-hop culture acted as a guide for the status he aimed to attain.  

In pursuit to prove his place in hip-hop, Prince Oni Truth would make the switch to Orlando, FL where he continued to work on making his pen game as sharp as possible with the cadence that can captivate any, no matter age, ethnicity, or location. Prince Oni always had a knack for creating music that was evergreen on an emotional level. He has the unique gift of communication, where his expression through music is relatable on an international scale. The magic happens within his process of creating his music. The output isn’t forced but allowed to organically become what it’s meant to be. It starts at the instrumental, then he channels the happenings of his life through freestyling what he feels. Once the beat guides the content, Prince Oni revises until confident that he has expressed what he was trying to get across.  

Combine this musical process with the mantra to which he creates, and you have an artist on the path to being one of hip-hop’s greatest. Prince Oni Truth is a firm believer in effort; what you put into something is what you get out, yin and yang. Thus, his intent to live by trying to maintain balance. Prince Oni manifested this into his first album “No Process,” which was more than just an album for the up and coming rapper. It was his heart and soul, converting the loss of his son during it’s making into music that spoke highly of the rapper’s talent. Rightfully so, the album created an undeniable buzz that gained him the opportunity to perform in South by Southwest music festival in 2018 and open for artists like JayDaYoungan, Skippa Da Flippa, Rylo Rodriguez, Ralo, and YFN Lucci.  

Even given these accomplishments, Prince Oni Truth is dedicated to taking his music further and building his fanbase higher with the cultivation of quality creative content and molding a solid team around him. With the release of his latest album L.E.O. is it evident that Prince Oni is in rap for the long haul. His longevity in the music industry looks bright, and any doubts are easily wiped by the lead single “Paranoid.” Prince Oni is a gem among stones, not losing himself in the fame, but humble enough to acknowledge a legacy fit for an artist of his stature. Money and materialism isn’t his goal, but to carry the will of his family and day 1 supporters through his music, for they believed in him and his vision for his career.

Prince Oni Truth is on track to becoming king of the rap game. What he brings to the table is worth its weight in gold. Follow his journey to the top and stream his music and upcoming projects via his socials.

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