Known by and collaborated with artists in different cultures and countries, Palazzo’s name holds worldwide weight.

Vienna, Austria native, Pascal Punz is a professional music producer known by the alias, Palazzo. Since a child his passion for music could be seen in his devotion to instruments like the drums. Needless to say, that passion didn’t take long to sprout into him becoming a self-taught music producer making beats in his bedroom. By 20-years-old, Palazzo was already gaining production credits for mainstream cuts. With his career steadily taking flight, Palazzo migrated to Atlanta and gained even more buzz and placements to his name.

Palazzo’s talent had a wide reach, connecting him with huge American and German artists like Young Thug, Lil Skies, Rich Homie Quan, and Capital Bra/Loredana, all of which he produced beats for. His production skills also gained him honorary recognition to be a part of The Electric Feel Family. Palazzo’s ability to adapt to any sound and style whether dark and dreamy to happy, is like a rare craft molded by his dedication to the artform. Even with his name having a large presence in the industry, Palazzo continues to seek perfection, always evolving his craft to be the best to ever do it.

Currently, Palazzo resides in Berlin, Germany where he aims to build his brand and name in the German market while introducing and sculpting a new sound to their music. Fans can look forward to upcoming collaborations with artists from Germany, America, France, England, and Netherlands, as Palazzo continues to extend his work into different parts of the world.

Palazzo deserves his praise. After going gold from a beat produced in his Austria bedroom, he knew he would be unstoppable. Check out his biography and vibe to hit singles he’s produced.

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