Petersburg, VA – The current Black Lives Matter movement has sparked plenty of discussion on how do we interact with law enforcement during marches, citywide events and more. On Sunday (June 21), Pusha T found his name being tossed into the fire after a photo emerged of the Virginia Beach rapper posing with a police officer in Petersburg, Virginia.

The brand new father was passing out food and other goods during a ‘Feed Your City Challenge’ event, along with Trey Songz, Suave House music exec Tony Draper and former NBA star Ricky Davis among others. Pusha started the initiative two weeks ago in Norfolk, Virginia which is an hour and a half outside of Petersburg.

With officers on hand to help, Pusha stopped for a brief photo with an unidentified Petersburg police officer and drew the ire of some on social media, alleging that the photo with the officer was equally offensive to the blackface photo Pusha revealed of Drake during their 2018 feud.

“I KNOW THAT’S NOT PUSHA T WITH THE PETERSBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT,” one fan wrote. “I need context bro not Pusha!!!”

Regardless of context, fans on both sides of the issue have armored up on social media to either defend or slander the Daytona rapper. See some of the responses below.