Life is the best storyteller, and rising rapper Rayoe is telling his through the lens of hip hop.

West African born rapper, Rayoe found his calling in the music industry at a young age. Often frequent between Ghana and New York, he was exposed to hip hop in different cultural environments that would later add to his credibility and style as a rapper. His climb into the spotlight began from humble dreams, grinding independently putting in the work to promote his music and nurture his fanbase. Given the circumstances, the average person would be liable to quit, but Rayoe willed within himself to build his career while navigating the streets to survive.

Unfortunately, his lifestyle caught up to his heels when he was apprehended by law officials in a federal narcotics seizure case. Even then, Rayoe didn’t throw in the towel, instead he fought for his innocence over the next year and would go on to be fully acquitted of all charges. His freedom was within grasp, but one more hurdle presented itself. The prosecution doubled back in an attempt to keep the budding rapper incarcerated, trying to tie his lyrics into evidence of alleged crimes. Not only that, they had him imprisoned for deportation when their plan failed yet again, but Rayoe stood ten toes down and beat every case thrown his way.

He had a story, one not fabricated like many in the industry. What appeared to be his downfall, was reversed into an opportunity to elevate his career. Rayoe relocated to Los Angeles where he gave fans music inspired by everything he’s gone through as an immigrant fighting for freedom in America. His story is real, the cold truth of the proclaimed Land of The Free. His witty bars and endless flows contrast the lazy mumble sound weighing upon hip hop’s crown. With his latest single and upcoming performance visuals premiering on June 3rd, Rayoe is bringing the heat.

“End Game” Audio & Video:

Instagram: @METARAYOE