Beyond being a prominent trichologist, the founder and CEO of ReHair Istanbul and ReDent Istanbul, Melisa Topuz, entered her respective industries to provide affordable solutions to consumers. Through ReHair Istanbul, Topuz has been supplying VIP hair transplant packages to the Dutch and Belgian markets since 2015. 

Active in the beauty industry for over ten years, she transferred her experience in the hair transplant industry to dental treatments. Her steadfast devotion has resulted in stellar ratings across the board. ReHair Istanbul — the foundation of ReDent Istanbul — has scored a 4.9 out of 5-star rating based on 158 reviews on the global review site, Trustpilot. 

For her latest venture, ReDent Istanbul, Topuz carries out intake interviews and aftercare personally in her Netherlands office, but it’s the packages and affordability that genuinely set ReDent Istanbul apart.


Unlike other European suppliers, the packages offered by ReDent Istanbul are all-inclusive. Additionally, they are devoted to using European materials as opposed to the Turkish or Chinese implants, crowns, and facings used by many of their competitors. ReDent Istanbul uses only globally accepted brands, such as Nobel, Strauman, Hiossen, and Osstem. Their commitment to quality while offering affordable prices is unparalleled in the industry. But it’s the ability to tack on lifetime warranties to their implants that truly takes them above and beyond status quo expectations.

The use of certain materials, like German brand Dental Direct zirconium crowns as opposed to metal-supported porcelain, is one way they are able to offer these impressive warranties. For coatings, they only use Ivoclar metal-free E-max laminate. 

While these high-end brands and materials afford lifetime warranties; crowns and veneers are known to be more complicated. Other providers offer limited warranties, some offering no warranty at all for these products. Still, ReDent Istanbul offers an incredible 20-year warranty, dependent on necessary oral care being performed. It’s clear from these materials and warranties that clients can expect nothing but the highest quality from ReDent Istanbul.

Regarding implants — and further cementing ReDent Istanbul’s commitment to quality — the company only uses screw implants rather than abutment implants. This provides the client with the ability to use their implants in a way that’s much closer to natural teeth. This is possible as the prosthetic tooth is placed firmly on the highly durable artificial implant root via screws, providing the relieving advantage of trouble-free use in chewing. Implants that are screwed in can also be quickly and easily removed for treatment and maintenance should there be any concerns with the dental prosthesis or oral tissue.

As the only clinic in Turkey that uses a digital 4D (Imetric) mouth scanner for flawless dimensions, it’s highly impressive that ReDent Istanbul maintains affordability. This fact becomes even more astonishing as all of their dentists are graduates of the best universities across Turkey, and each one boasts 15+ years of experience. ReDent Istanbul offers an astounding 80% cheaper prices than Europe/USA without sacrificing quality. The message is clear. For high-end European quality service at a more affordable price, look no further than ReDent Istanbul.