Rick Ross assumes many of Meek Mill’s jabs are directed at Atlantic Records, and not at him personally.

Rick Ross made it very clear in his latest interview with The Morning Hustle radio show that his issues with Meek Mill aren’t as serious as the world paints them to be, telling fans that Meek is still signed to Maybach Music Group and he doesn’t think the Philadelphia rapper is subliminally dissing him on his songs.

Hip-hop fans have dissected Meek and Rozay’s lyrics for years to try and determine what kind of behind-the-scenes relationship the two rappers have. Many have pointed to there possibly being a feud happening between them, but Ross doesn’t think there’s any animosity on Meek’s end. He says that real bosses create opportunities for other bosses to also succeed, so he wants nothing but the best for Meek.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

When asked about the “riff” between him and Meek, as well as Meek’s “jabs” at MMG, Ross said, “I’ma be honest, when Meek taking a jab at anybody, the only way I can assume is he’s doing that at Atlantic Records. All we ever did was get paper and it’s real easy to say a n***a name. Ain’t nothing to– you feel me? I know what it is when me and Meek always got money. He a boss now. We done been down ten years. Is he signed to Maybach Music? Yes, he is. But he’s also a boss and real bosses give other bosses opportunities to become bigger bosses. Go, man. Go buy the biggest shit in Dubai, man. Let’s go be billionaires. And if I’m only gonna get $7 billion and you get $20 billion, God is great! That’s all it is. Is it any pressure? It ain’t no pressure. And always remember, it’s real easy to make it clear when it’s pressure.”

A commendable stance from Rozay. He just wants to see his people win, and he’s obviously glad to see Meek in a championship position. 

Check out his comments below.