Rico Nasty has been the opener for Carti’s “King Vamp” tour.

Playboi Carti‘s fall tour just cannot seem to stop making headlines. Whether it be fans showing up with ankle monitors, cancelling due to an overzealous crowd, changing names from “Narcissist” to “King Vamp” tour or making unique safety announcements, Carti has been a news magnet.

Now, Rico Nasty, who is the opener for the “King Vamp” tour along with Ken Car$on, shed light on the tour once again after their most recent Los Angeles show at the forum, tweeting that the crowd was anti-black and did not appreciate her presence: “Anti black ass crowd . Weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes . Ugh . Get me out of here.”

This tweet came along with a barrage of others out of frustration, where she claimed Carti and Car$on would spit on their fans and that she would refrain from performing in protest.

While there haven’t been any videos to surface of the crowd’s reaction to Rico’s performance, or what could have provoked her rant, but appears that she did not get along with the concert-goers.

She is still scheduled to continue opening for Carti through the rest of his tour, which has more than 25 more dates left. She tweeted that regardless of how the crowd feels about her, that she will not forfeit the money she is owed for the shows: “Cause a real bitch getting paid regardless . Keep playing . Dickwheats”

Perhaps Playboi Carti and Rico Nasty fans do not have all that much in common, even though both artists aim to make energetic bangers within their individual music styles.

Check out Rico’s Twitter tirade below.