Roddy Ricch’s “Live Life Fa$t” is currently being mastered, which bodes well for an imminent release.

Yesterday, Roddy Ricch sparked hype for his upcoming album Live Life Fa$t, a title he announced earlier this week. At the time, he reminded fans that he has been essentially living in the studio, establishing a precedent of perfectionism that bodes well for the young Compton rapper.

Though some hopefuls were under the impression that Live Life Fa$t might actually land as soon as today, which would put him head-to-head with Lil Nas X‘s Montero; in other words, a clash of the commercial titans, with both parties having experienced no shortage of chart success. Nevertheless, that was not the reality, and today Roddy came through to give an update on where his album currently stands in the production assembly line.

 Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 

“Master your energy while we master this album,” writes Ricch, warning fans to prepare both body and soul for what he’s about to drop. Clearly, he’s eager to share the project with the world, and it will certainly be interesting to see how he evolves in the wake of Please Excuse Me Of Being Antisocial. It goes without saying that Roddy won the hearts of the masses with “The Box,” which emerged as an unlikely hit for the young emcee; can he come out with a single that matches its universality? Time will tell.

Based on what we’ve heard, it seems possible that Roddy will be taking a more laid-back approach on this one, as evidenced by his recent slow-jam single “Late At Night.” Do you think Roddy Ricch‘s Live Life Fa$t will top its predecessor? Sound off in the comments, and consider mastering your energy accordingly.