Saweetie promised several collaborations on the project.

The anticipation for Saweetie’s next project has been building all year long. After she was supposed to release her debut album Pretty B*tch Music this past summer, she delayed it several times.

We are now at the end of the year, and the project has yet to arrive. Substituting what could have been a monumental moment with her first full-length album, Saweetie instead landed a smash hit in “Best Friend” with Doja Cat and scored two Grammy nominations.

Now, it seems that Pretty B*tch Music is of secondary focus, as Saweetie now has a different project on her mind. In an interview with Gerrick Kennedy on Thursday (Dec. 2), Saweetie announced that she will release a seven song pack to hold fans over while they await the album.

The short project will be titled Icy Season, as she said it will contain numerous collaborations and serve as a “pretty bitch bible.” Icy Season will release on Jan. 7, 2022.

This likely means we will have to wait another set of months before Pretty B*tch Music comes pout, but it is nice to see Saweetie appreciates her fans’ patience, and it rewarding it with new music.

Her previous album delays have been attributed to inspiration from Cher, conversations with her mother and revisiting the “soul” of the album. As she is nominated for Best New Artist, Saweetie looks to have a big 2022 by elevating her reputation from massive singles to more than one body of work.

Check out what Saweetie had to say about Icy Season below.