Last month, fans of the beloved Cosby Show spin-off “A Different World” received exciting news as cast members announced plans to embark on a tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) across the United States. The tour aims to celebrate the show’s legacy while engaging with students and fostering conversations about education, empowerment, and representation.

One of the highlights of the tour’s premier stop in Atlanta was the virtual appearance of comedian Sinbad, who portrayed Coach Walter Oakes on “A Different World” for two seasons. Despite suffering a stroke four years ago, Sinbad’s spirit and humor shone through as he connected with fans and shared heartfelt messages of encouragement and inspiration.

Through video stream, Sinbad addressed the audience at the Atlanta event, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful initiative. His presence, albeit virtual, added a touch of nostalgia for fans who fondly remembered his portrayal of the beloved Coach Walter Oakes.


Joining Sinbad in spreading joy and nostalgia were other cast members from “A Different World,” including Cree Summer, who played the role of Freddie Brooks. Summer, known for her vibrant personality and distinctive voice, shared her excitement about connecting with HBCU students and engaging in meaningful conversations about the impact of the show on their lives.

The tour’s kickoff in Atlanta set the stage for what promises to be a memorable and impactful journey across HBCU campuses nationwide.

Watch below.