Skip Dmv is the head honcho as a music artist, and has connected deeply with the audiences.

The closer we look around us, the more we would realize how different industries and sectors have been on a constant rise because of the new technological approaches in business, but most importantly because of the many new emerging talents that have tried to go beyond boundaries and create their unique niche. Today, almost in every field, the younger brigade is increasingly taking their respective niches to the next level by relying on their uniqueness and their absolute resolve to bring about a positive change in their respective industry. This is how the music industry has also developed over the years. Thanks to these youngsters and talented beings to put in their everything to make it huge for themselves and take their industry much forward. Skip DMV, serves as one of the classic most examples of such a youngster from the US, who grew up in the DMV area and now is known for the same as he adopted Skip Dmv as his stage name to highlight his background and his varied experiences through the DMV area with the power of his music.

Sharrod Mariner was born in 1990 in Washington DC and grew up in the DMV area. He recalls how at the age of 7, he drew a close inclination towards music and since then has worked towards constantly honing his skills in writing and singing in ways that can provide more hope to others. His songs have also been reflective of the many struggles and challenges while growing up in the DMV area and he knew that music was the best outlet for him to emote what he wanted to.

Today, Skip DMV, who has impressed audiences in the R&B and Rap genre with songwriting and singing, is now making his special place in the world of music.
He has worked with many artists such as Young Scrap, YMCMB Young Chuckee, and working in the famous producer Timberland studio. Skip is constantly on its path to exponential growth and success as it is also being loved by many celebs and prominent personalities.

Skip Dmv is leaving no stone unturned to carve his name amongst the greats both in music and we wish him all the luck. To learn more, do follow him on Instagram @skip_dmv