Snoop left the festival grounds immediately after hearing of Drakeo’s death.

Once Upon A Time In LA festival took a dark turn this weekend when one of its performers, native Los Angeles rapper Drakeo The Ruler, died. In what was potentially a stabbing, Drakeo sustained a neck injury that eventually lead to his passing.

Drakeo was set to perform at 8:30 at the one-day festival on Dec. 18, but the altercation happened before he could take the stage. Once Upon A Time In LA had several legendary performers slated on their lineup, including The Isley Brothers, 50 Cent, YG and Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg, shaken by the tragedy that occurred with Drakeo, took to Twitter earlier today to voice his condolences to Drakeo and emphasize he was only at the fest to promote positivity: “I’m saddened by the events that took place last night at Once Upon a Time in LA festival. My condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Drakeo the Ruler. I’m not with anything negative and as one of the many performers, I was there to spread positive vibes only to my city of LA.”

He continued to say that he ditched his set later that night when he heard the news, and called for peace between his rap colleagues: “Last night I was in my dressing room when I was informed about the incident and chose to immediately leave the festival grounds. My prayers go out to everyone affected by [the] tragedy. Please take care, love one another and stay safe ya’ll. I’M PRAYING FOR PEACE IN HIP-HOP.”

Many others including Drake, Jim Jones and Tory Lanez also shared similar sentiments in the aftermath of Drakeo’s death.

Check out Snoop Dogg’s post about Drakeo the Ruler below.