Country music luminaries Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson, and Valerie June have teamed up with Power To The Patients to launch a poignant new Public Service Announcement (PSA) aimed at shedding light on the healthcare crisis in America. The PSA, a collaborative effort between the artists and the advocacy group, aims to raise awareness about the dire state of healthcare and calls for governmental action to establish a more transparent and equitable system nationwide.

In the PSA, the country stars condemn hospitals and insurance companies for their role in perpetuating the crisis, highlighting how lack of transparency has left millions of Americans drowning in medical debt. They stress the urgent need for Congress to enact regulations that would compel healthcare providers to disclose pricing information upfront, preventing patients from facing financial ruin due to unexpected bills.

“Hospitals and Insurance companies all around the United States are stealing our future by looting every patient, worker, employer, and family across the country,” Jelly Roll said.


“American citizens in need of care are afraid to enter a hospital,” Wilson said.

Jelly Roll, who has been actively involved in healthcare advocacy, brings a personal touch to the campaign, having previously participated in similar efforts in Washington D.C. alongside other influential figures. Together, they’ve worked to expose the injustices stemming from hidden pricing practices, which hinder competition and allow for unchecked overcharging.

This latest PSA follows a series of initiatives by Power To The Patients, including collaborations with hip-hop icons in 2023, all aimed at promoting healthcare price transparency legislation. With medical debt continuing to be a leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S., the campaign underscores the pressing need for reform in the healthcare industry to alleviate the financial burden on patients and families nationwide.