Curry shared unheard audio from his previous “5 Minutes From Home” episode with the late Nipsey Hussle.

Back in July, 2018, less than a year before his tragic death in March, 2019, Victory Lap rapper Nipsey Hussle appeared on Stephen Curry’s 5 Minutes From Home YouTube show and spoke with the three-time NBA Finals champion about hip hop and fatherhood. 

Throughout the conversation, Hussle dropped gems (as he was one to do) and left fans wanting to hear more of his and Curry’s meaningful conversation. 

Fortunately, with the recent launch of Curry’s new 15 Minutes From Home podcast on Audible, that is now a real possibility. 

Today, more than three years after the 5 Minutes From Home episode hit the airwaves, Curry blessed his and Hussle’s collective fanbase with an extended version of the interview featuring conversation about Victory Lap, and the “Blue Laces 2” rapper’s explanation of why he picked up a mic in the first place. 

Explaining that he grew up with a good family, Hussle said his final album was the culmination of a career that navigated through the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. 

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“I’m sure in your own way you can relate to looking at basketball, from not being a professional, just being a young kid with a dream and being somebody that got a passion for the game and then looking at we’re you’re standing now,” Hussle told Curry. “And for you to tell that story and to flashback to that young version of yourself and re-identify with those emotions — that’s how I look at the album… I wanted to be a rapper. I wanted to speak on a platform. And all the process to get here, that shit wasn’t no straight line. It was ups and downs and setbacks. I would assume as an athlete, you deal with injuries, politics in sports but when you get to where you’re going and take a moment to step back, that’s what I look at [Victory Lap] as. The reflection.” 

Check out Stephen Curry’s 15 Minutes From Home podcast here, and drop your favorite Victory Lap song down in the comments.