On a mission to inspire through his craft, SWITCH1EIGHTY is working with talented industry creatives through his independent label, Oort Cloud Productions.

Born to Lebanese parents in South Adelaide, SWITCH1EIGHTY now resides in South-Western Sydney where he is building a solid career as a hip hop artist and label owner under his imprint, Oort Cloud Productions. His path to music came after overcoming a rough childhood and past tainted with bad decisions. With the help of his stern mother who tried her best to guide him in a different direction, music finally showed him a light in the darkness.

Influenced by mainstream rappers like his childhood inspiration Prodigy, Stormzy, and local rappers The Hilltop Hoods, SWITCH1EIGHTY developed his own conscious style with hardcore drill infused in his sound. He has since been added to popular Spotify Playlists, won freestyle competitions, and collaborated with international and local Artists Prodigy and Fortay on his track “Most Real.”

SWITCH1EIGHTY is gearing up to release his upcoming album, “Iconoclast” on June 30th, 2022. Its concepts are based on various themes like his religious deconstruction and his unfiltered emotions through the creative process of making the reflective body of work. SWITCH1EIGHTY visualizes positive and negative ends of the emotional spectrum on tracks like “Friday,” “Mitchell and Ness,” and “Conquest of Canaan” featuring C.O.L.V, an artist from one of London’s roughest boroughs. Lyrics express his relationship with the mother of his kids alongside other topics like basketball tales with old school cadence, and even a blend of Aussie and UK drill that brings the heat.

SWITCH1EIGHTY is making major moves and it’s all made possible through his label, Oort Cloud Productions. His main focus at the moment is working with beatmakers and videographers while scouting talented artists who can benefit from having his help along their career path. Alongside these goals, he also plans on releasing quality music and giving back to his community for their love and support. Follow his come up and path to inspiring positivity.

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