Where is T.I. on your list?

T.I. has been adamantly arguing with anyone who will listen about his place on the hip-hop stage lately. It all began when T.I. called out 50 Cent to match him in a Verzus battle. 50 responded, like the internet troll he is, with insults and jokes, which then escalated. The interaction opened up a wider conversation among the hip-hop culture as to which artist has more hit records. Debates sparked online, comparing everything from flow and cadence, to lyricism and features. Of course, T.I. has touted his illustrious catalog as the haymaker to dead the debate, but 50 Cent supporters aren’t budging. 

T.I. sat down to speak with Big Boy about the ongoing online debate, and was borderline offended that people would even value him lower than a legend. “All the names that people be saying… I don’t think people realize who I am,” grunts T.I. sharply. “I don’t think y’all really know who I am. I don’t think y’all remember what I’ve done bro. I don’t think y’all know. Just cause I don’t jump up, step up on tables, kick over tables, and demand you to pay attention to me, that don’t mean… Listen, man. You ‘gon have to put mine up there. When you talk about careers, and legacies, and accomplishments, you gotta put me up there… You gotta go talk to Jay-Zs, you gotta go talk to Kanyes. You gotta go talk to Lil Waynes.” Do you think T.I. is a top rapper of all time?