T-Pain told the story during one of his latest Twitch streams.

T-Pain is an absolute legend in the hip-hop space as he ushered in the auto-tune era. While oldheads didn’t appreciate this era, there is no denying that T-Pain had a massive impact on many of the artists that are thriving today. One of those artists is none other than Travis Scott, who has benefitted greatly from the groundwork laid about T-Pain over a decade ago. Unfortunately for T-Pain, it doesn’t seem like Travis feels that way, at least based on his actions in the studio.

During a recent Twitch stream, T-Pain recounted the time he had Travis Scott come to his studio to get on a song. As the artist explains, Travis requested some additional speakers as he wanted it to be loud. T-Pain obliged and had to rent out speakers that cost about $500 per day. From there, Scott didn’t seem to like T-Pain’s beats, and eventually, he and his team fell asleep while the artist was cooking up something new.

Eventually, T-Pain asked Travis if he wanted to do the song, and the Astroworld artist said yes. As the days went on, Scott never came through and T-Pain’s speaker bill continued to climb. Eventually, T-Pain realized that he was being ghosted, and gave up hope of getting that La Flame feature.

As the artist went on to explain, Travis was active on social media during that time, which confirms any suspicions of ghosting. While T-Pain laughed through most of the story, you can’t help but feel like he was disrespected.