T-Pain says younger artists are too focused on momentary success over longevity.

T-Pain says that younger artists are too focused on achieving overnight success rather than building longevity. The veteran rapper discussed the issue, which he finds “super disturbing” on Twitter, Friday night.

“The way that artists are starting to believe that momentary popularity is better than longevity is super disturbing and really want y’all to think about the future and generational wealth,” Pain wrote. “It’s bigger than right now. You got a lot of lives in your hands and a generation to start.”

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

He didn’t reference anyone in particular, but Pain frequently provides advice to fans who are attempting to break through as artists in their own right, while streaming on his popular Twitch page.

Back in July, he went on a lengthly rant about originality in music: “You know when your shit sounds like somebody else’s shit. You’re making it because you’re in the studio like, ‘What’s the number one record now? We need to make another one of those.’ Stop doing that! Stop! You’re not original! Give me some original shit!

He continued: “Are you seriously telling me that you sat here watch me tell a bitch to eat a dick and you thought that wasn’t original? Are you seriously sitting here telling me ‘eat a dick’ is the bad part of music? Stop!! Just fucking do something else! God damn it! Do some different music!”