Gia Rachelle shows elevation in her musical development with her most recent single called “F.U.S.” A song so powerful that it instantly raises her appeal to new levels. The American artist courageously opens up about her depression and anxiety in a melodic track that resonates with listeners who would suffer from the same kind of mental problems. 

Since day one, Gia Rachelle was destined to spread a positive impact through her songs and her new single does just that. With strong lyrics and a powerful voice, Rachelle manages to shed light on an issue that needs to be addressed, while composing the kind of melodic tune that is more than just pleasant to listen to. 

The up-&-coming Gia Rachelle is on her way to stardom and when asked about her future plans, she said “ I’ve been making a lot more music with my producer and making a name for myself as an artist. I plan to continue releasing this year and start on an EP soon now that I’ve found my sound.”

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