Fashion entrepreneur Tamiko White is revolutionizing the fashion industry with the launch of her groundbreaking publication, “CAREERS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY.” This comprehensive glossary guide not only provides clear insights into over 150 fashion-related jobs but also introduces an innovative interactive approach through the integration of QR codes, enhancing access and understanding for readers.

With a remarkable 30-year career spanning various facets of the fashion and media landscape, Tamiko White crafted this indispensable resource to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of fashion. “CAREERS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY” offers detailed descriptions of career opportunities across sub-industries including design, marketing, media, sports, business, branding, and technology. From salary ranges to required skill sets and essential personality traits, this guide equips readers with invaluable insights into diverse roles within the fashion sector.

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What sets this book apart is its interactive nature. Through selfie-style photos and QR codes linked to videos, readers can immerse themselves in real-life demonstrations of various fashion-related jobs, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the content. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, recent graduate, or considering a career switch, “CAREERS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY” serves as a dynamic tool for empowerment and inspiration.


The book is now available for purchase online HERE, as well as on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and, and select retailers. Additionally, Tamiko White is embarking on a transformative book tour experience aimed at demystifying the fashion business and celebrating its game changers. The “Careers in Fashion Book Tour Experience” will feature chalk talks, panel discussions, media workshops, insightful Q&A sessions, and memorable book signings with Tamiko White herself. Invited panelists from various fields including fashion, design, media, business, technology, and sports will share their unique insights and career trajectories, providing unparalleled learning and networking opportunities.

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The astoundingly beautiful Tamiko White is a trailblazing fashion and media entrepreneur, renowned for her dynamic storytelling and expertise in branding and marketing strategies. As the Founder of White Noise Fashion + Media and creator of #NOWTrending, Tamiko’s impact on the fashion industry is far-reaching. With a diverse background encompassing modeling, acting, TV hosting, and creative brand consulting, Tamiko’s multifaceted career journey serves as a testament to her unwavering passion for empowering others.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Tamiko White’s “CAREERS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY” emerges as a beacon of empowerment and enlightenment, paving the way for aspiring individuals to thrive in this dynamic and competitive field.

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