Living in fear.

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s life has been pretty calm lately, despite the situation he is in. The rapper has been sticking to his formula of colorful visuals and online trolling from the safety of his home since his release. With the ongoing pandemic and the continued protests, nobody has much time to pay attention to Tekashi drama. Yet, it seems like things may heat up for the young rapper soon. 

Tekashi is soon to be off house arrest, something he is most likely both excited and scared about. As reported by XXL, Tekashi is surprised that he hasn’t been offed yet. Maybe, it’s something that’s on his mind now that he is about to be off house arrest. On Saturday (July 11), an Instagram post questioned whether Tekashi would be back in the streets once he is free from house arrest. “Y’all think 6ix9ine gonna be back running the streets when he gets off house arrest or will he move outta America and hide out for the rest of his career,” was the question. Tekashi slid into the comments to give an answer. I’m surprised I didn’t die yet,” he wrote. “But its not so bad being dead the way ya support the artist after they die. #fakelove.” Do you think Tekashi will be back on the streets?


Image Via XXL from Instagram