The pair revealed via Twitter earlier this year that they collaborated on an album that had been secretly uploaded to YouTube.

The last time Earl Sweatshirt gave fans a full studio album was back in 2018 with Some Rap Songs. According to his close friend and frequent collaborator, The Alchemist, we may not have to wait much longer before he drops again.

During a recent sit down with Anthony Fantano from The Needle Drop, the producer revealed that “Earl’s album is incredible. I’m excited about that and I do have some work on there.”

Marc Grimwade/Getty Images

The Alchemist was careful not to drop too many details about his pal’s project, although he did say, “I think everybody will be happy. He’s in his bag, as he should be.”

“Earl is always working, he’s a master of his craft, so something gets cut all the time. When he decides to press the button, we’ll see. But he’s got loaded guns… Know that he’s hard at work and the magic is there.”

Fans of the duo may remember earlier this year, when The Alchemist revealed that he and Earl had completed an entire album together and secretly posted it on YouTube.

When Fantano inquired about the album, the DJ shared that he didn’t have a lot to say about it.

“I haven’t heard anything about it, man. It’s still just floating in the matrix… I can’t even really say anything about it. I’ve been sworn to just leave it alone. It was just one day of madness.”

In regards to his own music, The Alchemist shared that he plans to release a second edition of his EP This Thing of Ours, but first, he wants to show his listeners a different side.

“The next project I got coming is all keyboard, all synth entirely and it’s the score to a film by Jason Goldwatch that we did together and it’s called Cycles,” he said.

“It’s an experiment I did a long time — I played all the shit I don’t even know how to play — but it came out really cool and I’m interested to see how people take to it.”

Check out the entire interview between The Alchemist and Fantano below.