The Game is setting the record straight about one of his biggest hits.

It’s been nearly 18 years since the Compton rapper released “How We Do” featuring 50 Cent. In an interview with Carl Lamarre for the debut episode of “The Debut Live,” Game revealed the creative process behind The Documentary classic and how 50 ended up on the song.

“Dre was walking back in the studio and that ni**a was like, ‘Ay, what’s that? What you mumbling?’ I’m like, ‘Fresh like, uhh, Impala.’ He’s like, ‘Let’s lay that.’ After I got done, Dre was like, ‘Yeah, I f**k with this shit,’” he recalled.

Two weeks later, Game returned to the studio to find that 50 had hopped on the record. “It was like, ’50, uhh.’ And at this time, 50 was big as a motherfu**er so I was happy about that ’cause we was in G-Unit, but Dre had let 50 get on it and 50 knew what the f**k it was when he heard it.”

Game went on to clarify that he and 50 weren’t in the studio together, while dismissing claims that his former G-Unit member wrote the song. “‘Fresh like, uhh’ was me and ’50, uhh’ was him, but I laid it first,” he said.

Game and 50 have gone back and forth throughout the years claiming writing credits. During a recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” 50 responded to Wack 100’s accusations that Game wrote “What Up Gangsta” for his 2003 debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“He said he wrote ‘What Up Gangsta.’ I’m like, ‘C’mon, bro. You wasn’t even around when we did that. That was before you even came into the picture,’” Fif said. “That’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’. We didn’t even know who he was until after. There’s a point when you [reach] desperation when you’ll say anything.”

Earlier this month, a demo version of “Higher” leaked featuring vocals from 50 Cent. 50 has maintained that he wrote on six tracks for The Documentary including “Higher,” “How We Do,” “Westside Story,” and “Hate It or Love It,” while Game has said that 50 simply wrote “what you heard him say on the record.”

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