LAROI was there for Juice’s last moments.

The past two weeks have been used as a time to celebrate and remember the life of Juice WRLD. First, on Dec. 10, his second posthumous album Fighting Demons was released, and landed at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Next, on Dec. 16, HBO Max released a nearly two-hour documentary about his life, his struggle with drug addiction, his artistry, his death and his impact on hip-hop titled Juice WRLD: Into The Abyss.

The documentary showed some wholesome moments to put a smile on the viewers’ faces, such as the time he was singing along with Cordae as Trippie Redd performed his hit collaborative song with XXXTentacion “F**k Love.”

Later, it showed another touching video of Juice WRLD meeting Tyler, The Creator and praising him for being a major influence on his younger years, leaving Tyler speechless.

Along with these nice moments though, there were some dark recollections as well. The documentary dropped two years and one week after Juice’s death in 2019, and they used Juice’s close friends to re-tell the tragic story. The Kid LAROI always viewed Juice WRLD as a mentor, as he was an artist Juice took under his wing, and boosted to popularity.

Now, LAROI’s notoriety has peaked, as he has achieved No. 1 hits and viral fame. Being this close to Juice, he revealed that he was present, along with Juice’s girlfriend Ally, when Juice was stopped at the airport by police and fatally overdosed on drugs. LAROI said that Juice bled from the mouth, and police prevented them from getting Juice the help he needed: “I remember walking off (the plane), and seeing through the window all the police and sh*t. They said, ‘Everybody get your passports out.’ So I’m sitting down and Juice is sitting across from me… I kind of froze, I didn’t really know what I could do to help him. So we’re all just sitting there panicking. At first, we just thought he was having a seizure, but then blood started coming out of his mouth and his nose. Then, everybody obviously started freaking out way more. Then the police came over and handcuffed us all in a line and said, ‘Get the f**k away from him…’ They’re telling Ally he’s fine, but we’re all looking like, ‘Bro, he’s bleeding.’”

Watch The Kid LAROI tell the story below.