Tokyo Jetz revealed that she’s tested positive for coronavirus after experiencing symptoms like fever, body aches, cough, sore throat, and more.

Tokyo Jetz broke the news that she has tested positive for coronavirus. The rapper took to Twitter to tell the whole story, explaining that she first realized she might have contracted the virus when she couldn’t taste her food. On Saturday (June 27th), Tokyo posted a video of herself getting a mobile COVID-19 test by having a swab put down her throat. “Ima just go back inside,” she captioned he video.

She proceeded to give the details about her symptoms and explain why she decided to get tested. “So I cooked crabs yesterday and all morning I was like ‘they been sitting they finna be so good’ …got home and can’t even taste shit!!!!” she tweeted (loss of taste is a common symptom of coronavirus). “I can taste stuff at the back of my throat but not on my tongue,” she specified. “All day I been like ‘y’all don’t smell that bleach’…. when in reality no one does and I can’t smell anything.”

“Luckily we broke my fever under 100 but it was 101.3,” she continued. “Mind you…the n***a who did my test said “oh u sick fa sho..u don’t need a test.”

She went on to describe her specific symptoms to a fan who asked. “Fever 101.3, Body aches, Chills, No taste, Can’t smell, Sore throat, Cough,” she replied. Based on other responses to fans praying for her speedy recovery, though, it looks like Tokyo is doing much better now. “I know y’all was gone say that’s what I get …..sooooooo I guess I deserved to be healed too,” she tweeted. “They better pray they can recover as fast as me & don’t have underlying health issues.”

Tokyo’s certainty that some folks would be happy to hear that her health is at risk might be due to the controversy that surrounded her recently in regards to a tasteless joke she made about George Floyd. In a viral clip, Tokyo put her hairdresser in a headlock and said, “I’ma George Floyd your muthaf*ckin’ ass.” She later issued a tearful apology for what she said.