“You’ll be home soon”: Tory Lanez’s message to Casanova as he fights for prison release.

It has been a rough past year for Casanova since his Dec. 2020 arrest and imprisonment.

The New York rapper has maintained his innocence in the midst of his several charges related to alleged racketeering and gang-related activities. He currently stands to serve a minimum of 15 years in prison, with a maximum life sentence. The main accusation handed down upon Casanova is that he was one of the leaders of the problematic Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang.

Since his imprisonment, Casanova has been disappointed by the lack of support and assistance he has received from his rap friends and colleagues. He says he has put a great deal of time and money towards his cause, but has received a fraction of that effort from his peers on the other side.

Now, Tory Lanez has spoken out calling for help for his friend behind bars. Lanez took to Instagram to share a post from Casanova’s account to his story, hoping somebody can assist him while also sending good vibes: “Y’all help my dog out @BIGCASANOVA_2X You’ll be home soon.”

The original post Tory shared was a photo of Casanova from prison attached to a message from Casanova delivered by his manager. In the message, he explains his current circumstances and explains that he is being punished for his past criminal livelihood rather than the current allegations against him: “This is a public service announcement to all my fans and very important friends. I’ve been incarcerated for almost one year now, exhausted all remedies and spent a significant amount of money on legal fees to prove my innocence.The charges against me are false,they don’t represent or reflect the person that I am. They are simply using my past criminal history to crucify me in court.”

Under the post, fellow New York rappers such as Rowdy Rebel, Dusty Locane and Fabolous commented to show their support for Casanova. Earlier this year, a newly freed Bobby Shmurda also showed love to Casanova and advocated for his release.

But recently, Tory Lanez is one of the only artists looking out for Casanova in this tough time.