Global recording artist, actor, and community organizer Vic Mensa and 93Boyz and ‘The Delta’ extended their Feed The Block / Warm The Block initiative in Pilsen over the weekend (1.26). The collaborative effort aimed to assist the unhoused community by providing warm meals, toiletries, and cold-weather essentials.

Joining Mensa were cast members from Showtime’s The Chi, including Jason Weaver, Luke James, Jacob Latimore, and Hannaha Hall. The warm meals were generously supplied by a local black-owned restaurant, ‘The Delta.’ The Feed The Block / Warm The Block initiative, initiated by Mensa and Eldridge Williams, owner of ‘The Delta,’ emphasizes resource investment to support underserved and disenfranchised communities, embodying Mensa’s commitment to community service.

“Feed The Block is an initiative we’ve been doing through 93Boyz, my cannabis company, since the onset of winter in Chicago,” Vic Mensa says regarding Friday’s giveback. “The cold months in this city can be brutal, exacerbating the already dire circumstances that thousands of unhoused people face in Chicago every year. By partnering with a local Black-owned restaurant called The Delta, we’ve been able to serve countless meals to those in need as well as provide warm clothing and supplies such as sanitary products, toiletries, etc. A primary pillar of 93Boyz ethos has always been reinvestment into community; Feed The Block is one of our many ways of giving back.”


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