Announcing his freshest album is a New York artist Vincent Poag whose indisputable talent has spread over the twelve songs in the collection. Masquerade is home to a few tracks we have already heard like “America” and “Here Here Beer!” with the addition of some really great new songs like “Barcelona” and “In The Jungle”.   

Much of the artist’s extensive body of work has a hopeful, positive message. As a listener, we feel like a good old friend is lending us a shoulder to cry on, to let our emotions out and to feel understood. He encourages, supports, and helps us see the good in everything like a wise mentor we all sometimes need.

Growing up in New York, Vincent Poag was exposed to the Broadway musical era of the 1950’s, the music of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, but his biggest inspiration has always been Bob Dylan. Ever since childhood, when he received his first guitar, Vincent Poag has been in love with creating music and has throughout the years shown how incredibly talented he is.

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