Wavy Westbrook is on fire in the booth, releasing three singles that continue to show the level of lyrical wit and passion within every inch of his musical fiber.

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA. Wavy Westbrook was an avid listener of hip hop greats like Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, DMX, Drake, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa. Through his passion for the genre, Wavy Westbrook discovered his own ability to put together words in a way that mesmerized listeners of his music. Expanding on that talent, he put in the grind to perfect his voice and style, giving fans music authentic to life and reflective of real experiences and emotions.

Wavy Westbrook has once more dipped into his creative bag to release a triple threat of singles, each with its own vibe and cadence. The first, titled “It’s That Time” is a soulful rendition of the come up through the struggle. Wavy Westbrook rides the beat with effortless ability spitting bars that paint a picture of what it took for him to elevate from the bottom. As he talks of his rise to success, it’s impossible not to nod along locked to every word delivered in harmony with the beat. On the second single, “Real As It Gets,” Wavy Westbrook displays his versatility on the mic, retaining his signature lyrical rhyme schemes adding melodic flows as he sends shots to friends turned enemies praying on his downfall; a relatable tale of deception and envy by those closest. The third single in the viral hattrick titled, “We Lit” features Lil Mackie and both Emcees mimicked the track’s name perfectly. Everything was lit, the beat, the bars, and the variety of flows that Wavy Westbrook switched throughout without a hitch.

Wavy Westbrook has added a trio of bangers to his catalog and went a step further to release visuals for each, enlisting Tanner Hench and Billion Dollar Visions to work their directing magic. Check out the audio and music videos for the Wavy Westbrook masterpieces via the links.


“It’s That Time”: https://open.spotify.com/track/7nLfLHO9i2hybIajdlCrfe?si=636f872a34604665

“Real As It Gets”: https://open.spotify.com/track/3DzKaxjX9FH1OZFFv89swH?si=a0e171410631427a

“We Lit” ft. Lil Mackie: https://open.spotify.com/track/75FMGBi7QFZFsRenL4nK2I?si=7be5f94ab92d4a1c


“It’s That Time”: https://youtu.be/uyVo5UzWaHg

“Real As it Gets”: https://youtu.be/xbLPPP_6rkk

“We Lit” ft. Lil Mackie: https://youtu.be/DKGioV7si7E

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wavywestbrook/