Things have been rough for Nahmir.

Ever since the YBN collective disintegrated, life has really given YBN Nahmir the short end of the stick. After a year that was a supposed to be a resurgence for the Alabama native, he apparently has not felt that gratified.

On Friday (Nov. 26), Nahmir tweeted that he wanted to disappear, and quickly deleted the tweet, causing concern: “I just be wanting to disappear.”

After DJ Akademiks posted the tweet on Instagram, Nahmir made his way to the comment section to elaborate, saying he would consider Aspen as a destination: “I just be wanting to go to like aspen for a month or so.”

Nahmir released his debut studio album VISIONLAND in March of this year, as it flopped with only around 4,000 album sales. The album’s 16th song “Soul Train” actually went viral on TikTok, but only for how terrible it was. Many deemed it as the worst song of the year, and Nahmir eventually submitted to the meme and joined in on the fun. He ironically tweeted: “Song of the year ‘soul train’ by @YBNNahmir”

A few months later, he had a feud with the only remaining member of the dysfunctional YBN gang, YBN Almighty Jay. Almighty Jay would eventually leave the group, following in Cordae’s footsteps. 

Nahmir is now the only namesake for YBN, clinging onto the group that brought him fame and notoriety in the beginning. Hopefully Nahmir can keep his mental health and career intact, as he now looks to forward in his career by himself.

Check out YBN Nahmir’s tweet below.