YK Osiris isn’t having a good week at all.

The internet just loves to clown on singer YK Osiris and this week, he made it pretty easy for his social media haters to roast him. In fact, they even had increased access to the “Worth It” crooner after he accidentally leaked his phone number in a video he posted and deleted on Instagram.

In this age of social media, fans have fewer degrees of separation from their favorite artists and celebrities and can send them a direct message as easily as they can hit up their IRL friends. YK Osiris is regularly trending on Twitter and other platforms because of the debt he owes to artists including Drake, Lil Baby, and more. This week though, he’s trending because, as he announced a few days ago, he lost one of the $325,000 earrings that he recently purchased. That’s not all — after he offered a $60,000 reward to whoever found the precious jewel, he accidentally leaked his own phone number and received calls from strangers pranking him all night.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“These people really calling my damn phone, talking bout I found it mannnn,” complained YK on Instagram, sharing a video of an interaction he had with a group of young men who jokingly claimed to have found his earring, offering to meet up in Miami to drop it off. “Wtf is wrong With these people,” he added after realizing that they were simply playing around.

“Stop callin’ my phone you curly-headed bitch!” yelled YK at one of the boys before abruptly hanging up.

The artist still has not found his lost earring and now his phone number is out there. You can guarantee that this is not one of YK Osiris’ best weeks.