Young M.A could not contain her excitement after meeting Halle Berry

Young M.A and Halle Berry have both had busy years. This weekend, however, each of them found the time to link up to promote Halle’s new film.

Yesterday (Nov. 8), Young M.A posted a video to her Instagram with Halle Berry hugging her as she kept repeating “oh my gosh” in shock, captioning it with: “@halleberry wow! I appreciate you QUEEN!! I’m on the Bruised Soundtrack Nov 19th on all platforms and I’m excited for Bruised the movie droppin Nov 24TH on Netflix!!”

It is almost as if M.A had a huge crush on Halle Berry, and finally got to meet her in person. In the video, Berry says, “this is my baby right here.” So, it appears the two get along well.

Young M.A will be featured on the soundtrack for Berry’s new Netflix film Bruised, in which Berry is the lead actor and will be making her directional debut. The soundtrack is set to release next Friday, and the movie will drop the following Friday, Nov. 24. This appearance by Young M.A comes on the heels of her dropping her latest project Off the Yak in May, with marquee features like Fivio Foreign and Rubi Rose.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Fans teased M.A’s reaction to meeting Berry, and anticipated a romance between the duo, although Berry is in a committed relationship at the moment.

While it is unlikely any extra fun was had between Young M.A and Halle Berry after the fact, M.A has said before that she is absolutely attracted to women, but prefers not to go by any particular sexuality labels.

Watch the wholesome video of Young M.A and Halle Berry below.