Emerging group ZAM Official wrap-up a well-spent year with the release of their latest single “No Reason.” The group of three talented artists, Rasti, Goldi and Mika, originally from Massachusetts, moved to Miami in order to be where things move the fastest in the music industry. After making waves with their previous release titled “Selfish,” a song about doing things for yourself and being carefree, the group is now aiming even higher with “No Reason.” This urban masterpiece is a strong statement by the trio who talk about how a guy could do a million things and still get rejected by a girl. 

These incredibly determined women focus on their work, ambitions, aiming at turning into a tangible reality their collective dream of making it big in music. So far, they have made all the right moves, and are rapidly expanding their fan base, with overall 50K listeners on Spotify alone. 

They have also gotten the attention of big names like Trina, Travis Payne, Bump J, Cheeze Beatz, Foreign Teck and many more.  ZAM Official signed their first independent record label deal in 2021, thanks to their unique mixture of r&b, Hip-Hop, and pop, a true treat to the ears!

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