Julia Fox and Kanye West have officially split and Julia took to social media to officially clear the rumors, saying that her relationship with Kanye was a “come up” and teasing a tell-all book coming soon.

Julie Fox - Faux Book

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Julia Fox’s Book Will Have Kanye Tea

On her Instagram story, Julia Fox responded to fans who were mocking and pitying her after Kanye publicly dumped her for Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s Day.  The “Uncut Gems” actor touted the relationship as a “come up” and suggested that she hustled the arrangement to her benefit.

She wrote, “Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler. I came up yall lol and not only that but Kanye and I are on good terms! I have love for him and wasn’t in love with the man Jesus Christ. What do you think I am, 12 years old ?!”

She later added, “Anyway if u want the full tea ur gonna have to buy the book when it comes out :).”

Clearly, Julia was looking to get her come up off Kanye’s fame, fortune and celebrity.  Her new book promises to spill the “full tea” about Kanye West, the time she spent with him, and the behind-the-scenes drama on what was happening between him and Kim Kardashian. Here’s some of what she might reveal in the book:

What Kanye Likes In Bed

The two were rumored to have an “open relationship” so we may get to find out what that looks like.  Threesomes? Foursomes? Also, Julia admits that she was a dominatrix in her past life so we may learn about some of Kanye’s “unique” preferences in the bedroom. 

The Travis Scott Post

Recently, Julia Fox randomly posted to Instagram a random throwback screenshot of a scene from Travis Scott’s “Jackboys” music video featuring her cuddled up with Travis Scott. Why did she post that on the day after Kylie and Travis announced the birth of their newborn son, Wolf?  And what did Kanye say when he saw it?

How Close Is Social Media Kanye To Intimate Kanye

Julia Fox was able to see Kanye both in the public view but also in a private view. Kanye’s previous lovers – including Amber Rose –  have been relatively mum about Kanye behind closed doors.  Julia may offer more insight into how close the bombastic public Kanye is to the intimate Kanye rarely if ever seen.

Was This Relationship A Strategic Alliance Or A Real Attraction 

Fox detailed in her post that she was a “#1 Hustler” and “came up” after dealing with Kanye. She may detail whether or not this relationship was more of a strategic alliance between the two offering mutual benefits — Julia Fox a high profile affair that would build her brand and Kanye a public rebound to make Kim feel jealous and take him back.

How Did It End?

Lastly, Julia Fox may reveal insights into the final days leading up to their breakup during which time Kanye was in the throes of a social media battle with… everyone. What was Kanye’s mental state?  Did she attempt to reach him to stop his out-of-control social media tirade?  And how did she find out the relationship was done?

Kanye Balls Out For Julia

Kanye made it look like he and Julia Fox were truly an item, celebrating her 32nd birthday in grand style on her birthday.  Kanye showered Fox – and her band of girlfriends – with gifts of five Birkin bags to be exact.

Kanye Scores His Fox

Kanye started dating Julia Fox shortly after his divorce to Kim was confirmed to be happening,  starting off 2022 getting to know someone new. The Chicago rapper was spotted with actress Julia Fox in Miami and New York City after they hooked up at a New Year’s Eve party and sparks flew.