Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby have been on a roll over the past two weeks with the back-to-back singles “Do We Have A Problem?” and “Bussin.” However, the hype and heavy promo behind both records weren’t enough to score Nicki a #1 spot on Billboard.

Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Doesn’t Get #1 Billboard Spot

“Do We Have A Problem?” has already racked up 17 million views on YouTube. Thanks to its cinematic music video starring Power’s own Joseph Sikora and its undeniably infectious nature, Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby’s first collaboration of the year has been performing incredibly well.

After surpassing Gunna’s “Pushin P” for the biggest US sales week for a song in 2022, “Do We Have A Problem?” has settled in at the #2 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

After the latest Billboard Hot 100 chart was released, Nicki went to social media to thank her fans better known as “Barbz” for their support. However “Do We Have A Problem?” wasn’t able to secure the top spot on the Hot 100. Twitter trolls gave Nicki a hard time about not charting as high and Nicki clapped back —-“Y’all. Let’s start by saying: I don’t need to go #1. I AM #1. There’s a difference”

After assuring the world that she is not chasing a chart position, Nicki then began to criticize Billboards charting process. Nicki pointed out that it’s “not a coincidence” that the rules to chart on the Billboard were changed right before she dropped a new song.

Nicki wrote on Twitter, “Do y’all not understand how fucking epic you are? They took off all these sales and look. Changed all the rules a few weeks ago chi… and look. I’ll go live to say a few things. Let’s start with how much I fkng love you. So many songs couldn’t do this chi”

She added, “Yes the biggest collaborations  & songs with the most radio play and play listing with the same rules couldn’t do it. You guys did it AFTER the rule change! A rap song. No sexual visuals. A rappy rap song.”

This is not Nicki’s first time having drama surrounding music of hers not charting at the top spot. Back in 2018, she was beefing with Travis Scott after he got the top spot for a album ahead of her Queen album —- which she attributed to an assist by girlfriend Kylie Jenner offering merchandise and concert festival tickets with the album purchase.

Nicki Drops New Music

Recently Nicki released the music video to her hot new single “Do We Have A Problem” Ft Lil Baby.

Nicki Minaj wants her fans to know she’s back on some new-new and is asking those who dare to look at her sideways — Do We Have A Problem? The new song and video reveals a transcendent shift towards a less sexually explicit, but more confident, queen after a long hiatus.

New Year, New Nicki

Nicki recently also said she’s taking a step away from sexually explicit music as she gets older.

Nicki Minaj is leaving the past behind and is determined to make it a non-toxic 2022.  That means she’s shutting down the beef (no Nicki Vs The City Girls) and going for a cleaner sound (no Gunna P Power feature) – which she’ll reveal tomorrow in her new Lil Baby collabo, “Do We Have A Problem.”