Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been going against the grain for the majority of his career, including his recent co-sign to reverse Roe v Wade and his proximity to his wife’s traitorous January 6th Insurrection involvement. explores some of the Chief Justice’s most deplorable moments.

Justice Clarence Thomas

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been the topic of many conversations recently for a number of different topics. SOHH explores the 5 reasons why many believe Justice Clarence Thomas is a bonafide sucka!

  1. Voting against Affirmative Action – while benefiting from Affirmative Action.   Justice Thomas famously voted against Affirmative Action in the  Fisher v. University of Texas-Austin affirmative action case.  Meanwhile, the justice’s own admission to the prestigious Yale University was via the school’s affirmative action program.   Further, Thomas’ appointment to the Supreme court by President George H. W. Bush was a form of affirmative action – the president appointed the judge as a replacement for Thurgood Marshall, the first black African American Supreme Court Justice.

Source: The New Yorker 

  1. Allegations of sexual harassment of Anita Hill. Thomas’ confirmation hearings for Supreme in 1990 included questions surrounding allegations of sexual harassment. Professor Hill accused Thomas of disgusting language at work including conversations about pubic hair and coke, and pornographic materials, and made references to his infamous “long-dong silver” where he bragged about the size of his penis. Over the course of the hearings, the conversation became less about Hill’s accusations and more about Thomas fancying himself as a victim of racism, calling the hearings “a high tech lynching”. Thomas was eventually voted to be confirmed to The Supreme Court by a 52-48 vote in 1991. 

Source: CBSNews 

  1. Ginnie’s Voicemail. In October of 2010, a woman identifying herself as “Ginni Thomas” – the wife of Clarence Thomas – left a voicemail at Professor Anita Hill’s office around 7:30 AM.   The message demand that Hill apologizes to Thomas for testifying about her alleged abuse.  Textbook victim-blaming. 

Source: Vanity Fair

  1. Calling abortion rights protests “temper tantrums.”

Justice Thomas recently suggested that supporters of abortion rights for women are throwing “temper tantrums” over the possible overturning of Roe V. Wade while speaking at a conference organized by conservative groups in Dallas, Texas earlier this month. 

Source: Huffington Post

  1. Criticizing the Supreme Court ruling in the Brown V. Board of Education case. Justice Thomas’ most lasting influence is on civil rights law. In Missouri vs Jenkins, for example, Thomas became the first justice to directly criticize Brown versus The Board of Education. Although he called state-mandated segregation “despicable,” Thomas said that the Supreme Court was wrong to rely on debatable and disputable social evidence to declare segregation unconstitutional rather than invoking the “constitutional principle” that the government “must treat citizens as individuals, and not as members of racial, ethnic, or religious groups.”

Source: The Hill