Since his release from prison in February, Bobby Shmurda has been bullied online for what some deem questionable dance moves. The hip gyrations have people wondering what happened to the Brooklyn rapper, but one of his NYC rap friends is defending him.

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Cardi B took to her Twitter to remind fans not to disrespect Bobby Shmurda and his dance moves. According to Cardi, Bobby never changed in prison whenever she visited a friend and heard stories about the rapper.

“Y’all really be trying Bobby cause he be dancing and no lie when I used to do visits in Rikers, Bobby & Rowdy were always in OBC solitary confinement cause they was really getting it rockin.  Them boys ain’t punked out in jail really stood on their shit unlike a lot of rappers,” Cardi said.

The Bobby Shmurda Dance Trends

What was once a joke to be mocked is now the latest dance trend on Tik Tok.  After Cardi co-signed Bobby’s moves, the dance took off, with people of all ages doing “The Bobby Schmurda.